Inquiry launched into 'bribes' at EU body


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An independent legal expert has been called in to investigate alleged corruption in the European Union, following a whistleblower’s claims.

The Eulex mission – which is intended to strengthen the rule of law in Kosovo – is embroiled in allegations that its officials took bribes in return for dropping three cases involving organised crime.

Maria Bamieh, a British prosecutor at Eulex, learned in August that she was being suspended after secret documents that revealed possible bribe-taking were leaked.

Ms Bamieh claims she wanted an open investigation into the bribery allegations but Eulex ignored her requests.

EU foreign affairs chief Federica Mogherini has now announced an independent expert will scrutinise Eulex.

A statement on the Eulex website maintains that “since 2013, Eulex and Kosovo judicial authorities have been pursuing a joint investigation into these allegations.”