Irish people are travelling home from all over the world so they can vote to legalise gay marriage

The travellers are posting about their journeys home on the #hometovote hashtag

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Today, Ireland is voting in a referendum on whether to bring in marriage equality. If the referendum succeeds, Ireland would become the first country in the world to legalise same-sex marriage by popular vote.

Irish people living all over the world have decided to head home to vote.

They crowded out Ireland's airports and stations on their way home to make their voices heard.

They waited in harshly lit airport hallways...

They weighed down planes with their sheer volume...

... and they searched in vain for last minute tickets home.

Many got up at the crack of dawn to make their journey.

But it was worth it, because today, an Irish passport is something to be proud of.

Today, your vote is something to wear on your chest with pride.

Today, home looks a little bit different.

Tomorrow, it could be even more so.

They came on planes...


..and buses.

And by god, they were welcome.

They came from all over Europe: from its stony east...

...To the costmopolitan cities of the West.

Some came from the other side of the world, via an airport bar or two.

In fact, there were more than a few pints along the way.

But however long their journey, it was only a small part of a much bigger one.