Italy Goes to the Polls / Italian Election '94: Italy's splintered parties

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Democratic Party of the Left (PDS): Successor to what was the West's largest Communist Party and Italy's permanent opposition since Second World War. Made major gains in mayoral elections and is expected to enjoy more success in the general election

Communist Refoundation: The hardline core of the old Italian Communist Party who refused to join Occhetto's PDS when the party changed its name and ditched Marxism in 1991.

Socialist Party (PSI): The remains of the party which was the linchpin of governments for two decades under Bettino Craxi.

La Rete: Sicilian-based anti-Mafia party.

Popular Party: Launched from the ruins of the Christian Democratic party.

Pact For Italy: Alliance formed by Mario Segni, who wants to gather centrist and centre-right together to keep Occhetto's 'progressives' from power.

Northern League: The pro-autonomy movement, the biggest party in northern Italy.

Forza Italia: The conservative movement founded by Berlusconi.

National Alliance (AN): Founded by Gianfranco Fini to attract conservative voters who feel uncomfortable with the Italian Social Movement (MSI's) connections with Mussolini.