Monica Bellucci: French tax not reason I'm moving to Rio...


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The Italian film star Monica Bellucci is moving to Rio de Janeiro because she “loves the poetry of the place”.

The Italian press has been quick to note, however, that her decision to leave Paris, with her husband, the actor Vincent Cassel, coincides with legislation from François Hollande, which will hit the rich with 75 per cent tax rates.

Gérard Depardieu made no bones about the fiscal incentive for him fleeing France for Belgium. Ms Bellucci, however, preferred to concentrate on the charms of her new home, telling Brazilian Vogue she fell in love with the country 18 years ago. “My place is here by the beach, absorbing the energy of the sea,” she said. “All the places in the world have their problems but I love the way you react to yours – with poetry.”