Moscow beheading: Nanny who killed 4-year-old girl has tells police she 'heard voices'

Woman from Uzbekistan allegedly killed the four-year-old 'because her husband had taken a second wife'

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The Uzbek nanny allegedly responsible for the beheading of a four-year-old Russian girl has told Moscow she heard "voices".

Gyulchekhra Bobokulova told police that on the day of the murder she was upset at her husband starting a new family in Uzbekistan while she was in Moscow, according to Life News.

The 38-year-old also reportedly told officers she had refused her husband's offer to be his second wife.

Initially, some mistakenly suggested it could be a terror attack given she was reportedly shouting on the street "I'm a terrorist" and "Allahu Akbar".

She is accused of strangling then beheading Nastya Meshcheryakova with a kitchen knife before setting fire to the apartment.

Nastya has been described as having learning difficulties.

Bobokulova returned to the murder scene with police officers to explain what happened.

Russian journalist, Polina Nikolskaya, said she witnessed Bobokulova on the street, saying: "I was on my way to the metro station from home.

"She was standing near the metro entrance and caught my attention because she was screaming 'Allahu Akbar'.


People leave flowers to commemorate the murdered child

"I saw that she had a bloodied head in her arms but I thought it was not real. People in the crowd said it was real."

Bobokulova is currently in psychiatric care to determine if she can be held repsonsible for her alleged actions, the Moscow Invesitgative Committee announced.