Neo-Nazis arrested

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BERLIN (Reuter) - Police arrested nine young right-wing militants yesterday for arson and possible attempted murder after they fire- bombed a bungalow housing Vietnamese in the eastern German town of Halberstadt, in the state of Saxony-Anhalt. Most of the self-proclaimed extremists, aged between 15 and 25, confessed to smashing the windows of the bungalow before hurling in fire-bombs last week. A Vietnamese woman, who was alone in the house with her young child, managed to put out the blaze. Police have issued warrants for the arrest of the two gang leaders, aged 17 and 19.

Meanwhile, the Green Party protested that the proposal to limit asylum-seekers virtually closes off the country to all but war refugees. Rudolf Seiters, the Interior Minister, said the flood of refugees to Germany could be cut by 80 per cent if parliament approves the plan.