Nice attack: Isis claims of responsibility mocked by French people

Everything from France from losing the Euro 2016 final to bad haircuts have jokingly been attributed to the terrorist group

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French people have taken to Twitter to make fun of Isis after the terrorist group claimed responsibility for the Bastille Day attack in Nice.

The Amaq news agency, the jihadists' propaganda site, claimed Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel was "one of the soldiers of the Islamic State", but French authorities have not discovered any links between Bouhlel and any terrorist organisation.

Bouhlel killed 84 people and injured hundreds more when he drove a lorry for over a mile through crowds gathered for Bastille Day celebrations.

What happened in Nice: 84 killed as lorry drives through crowd

Expressing their contempt for the group and its dubious claims, French nationals have used the hashtag #DaeshRevendique, or #IsisClaims, to speculate what other bad things the group might next take responsibility for.

Everything from France losing to Portugal in the final of Euro 2016 to bad haircuts have jokingly been attributed to the terrorist group.

"#IsisClaims The blanket I lost when I was six years old"

"#IsisClaims Our defeat at Euro [2016]"

"#IsisClaims The socks that disappear from the washing machine"

"#IsisClaims The death of [the character played by actress] Marion Cotillard in [film] The Dark Knight Rises

"#IsisClaims Brexit and Boris"

The jokes showed defiance in the face of multiple deadly attacks on French soil in recent months. 

French interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve has said there is no evidence linking Isis to Bouhlel.

Instead, he emphasized the role that drug abuse and anger problems might have played in making him carry out the massacre.

Mr Cazeneuve said Bouhlel was “an unbalanced and very violent individual”.  

Ten children were among the dead in Nice. The youngest child brought to the Foundation Lenval Hospital after the attack was just six months old.