No Santa please, we're Czechs

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The freedom-loving Czechs are again rebelling against an imperialist tyrant, although the oppressor this time is not the Kremlin but the world's favourite jolly fat man.

The Creative Copywriters' Club, a leading advertising association in the Czech Republic, has launched a campaign to eliminate the US-style Santa Claus. Its website,, features the Virgin Mary suckling the infant Jesus adorned in full Santa garb, replete with a pom-pom-topped hat. "This stupid, fat guy with the red outfit [has been] taking over our television ads and we say it's enough," said Martin Charvat, the creative director at the BBDO agency in Prague and one of the campaign's supporters. Cardboard Santas were popping up in the Czech capital's Old Town like daffodils in spring, he complained. We have our own way of celebrating Christ-mas with baby Jesus - Jezisek - delivering the gifts. This American Santa is just confusing our children."