Oasis singer 'under influence of drink and drugs' during fight

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The Oasis star Liam Gallagher was under the influence of "substantial quantities" of alcohol and drugs during a mass brawl in a nightclub in Germany, prosecutors said yesterday.

Blood tests confirmed that Mr Gallagher and another unnamed band member were highly intoxicated during the fight with a group of businessmen at a luxury Munich hotel in December 2002.

Anton Winkler, Munich's chief prosecutor, said four members of the band were still being investigated on suspicion of assault, resisting arrest and damage to property, but were unlikely to face trial.

Instead the five businessmen involved in the brawl with Mr Gallagher and three other members of Oasis are almost certain to face charges of causing grievous bodily harm. Two of Mr Gallagher's front teeth were knocked out during the fight at theBayerischer Hof.

The announcement followed a lengthy police investigation that involved hearing evidence from 50 hotel staff and guests who witnessed the brawl.

The inquiry identified the perpetrators as Munich businessmen aged between 32 and 38 who worked as estate agents and computer experts, the state prosecutor's office said. The five have refused to comment.

They reserved a table at the nightclub where Oasis members were dining on 1 December, 2002. Witnesses said the band members were drunk and throwing peanuts.

The club's disc jockey unwittingly played an Oasis record which prompted Mr Gallagher and his fellow band member Alan White to jump on to the stage and do a karaoke version. An Oasis member then collapsed on to the table of the businessmen and a fight broke out.

Mr Winkler said yesterday: "The tests revealed substantial quantities of alcohol and drugs. It is possible he [Mr Gallagher] used cocaine."

The police report said both sides attacked each other with "every available object" as the brawl spilled upstairs into the main foyer of the hotel where several windows were broken. Ten police cars were dispatched but only Oasis members were arrested. The five businessmen escaped and were not arrested until later.

Three Oasis members spent 12 hours in custody, forcing cancellation of a concert.

Before leaving Germany, management acting for Mr Gallagher paid a fine of £170,000. Sources from the prosecutor's office said this may be sufficient to avoid charges against Mr Gallagher, although he and other band members were still under investigation.