Paris terror attacks: Syrian and Egyptian passports found near bodies of suicide bombers at Stade de France

As many as 127 people have been killed in multiple shootings and explosions across the French capital on Friday night

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A Syrian passport has been found on the body of one of the suicide bombers at the Stade de France, French police have told Reuters

Information emerging from the scene indicates one of the attackers at the stadium may have been French. Witnesses described one attacker as “white”, “European type” according to BFMtv.

It has not been established whether the passport is genuine, with many analysts pointing out false Syrian passports can be easily obtained within the war-torn Middle Eastern nation.

Three suicide bombers died in the attack on the sports stadium in the centre of Paris, one of seven separate attacks across the capital on Friday evening.

During a friendly match between France and Germany two explosions were heard nearby the stadium. French police contained many of the 80,000 spectators within the stadium, rushing President Francois Hollande - who had been watching the match - out.

In the aftermath, as news of other attacks trickled into the stadium, French and German football fans broke into "La Marseille" as they were allowed to leave the stadium.

Isis released a statement in which they claimed the attack on Saturday, which has left as many as 127 people are dead and scores more in critical condition.


French president Francois Hollande said the attacks were an "act of war" and promised France would be "merciless" in its response to the "absolute barbarity".