Lufthansa passenger 'shouting he wants to join Allah tries to force his way into cockpit'

The Serbian handball team later 'guarded' the man on the flight

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Passengers had to overpower a man on board a flight after he allegedly threatened to enter the cockpit of a plane. 

The man, believed to be Jordanian, reportedly shouted that he wished to join Allah before trying to open the door on the Lufthansa plane flying from Frankfurt to Belgrade.

He was retained in the business class section of the plane by passengers including the Serbian national handball team and held under “guard”.

The president of the Vojvodina handball team, Milan Djukic told the Evening Standard: “About half way through the flight he tried to open a plane door, but the cabin crew stopped him.”

Andreas Bartels, a Lufthansa spokesman, told Sky News: “A passenger got up and tried to do something at the door, but was stopped by crew members and other passengers.

"The passenger was then restrained for the remainder of the flight in his seat and handed over to the authorities in Belgrade.

"The safety of the flight was not jeopardised and the flight landed safely in Belgrade."

He was arrested by Serbian police upon landing.