Poll finds that 60% of Catalans want independence


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A recent poll in the semi autonomous region of Catalan has found that over half the population wants to separate entirely from Spain.

The poll found that 59.7% were in favour of the region becoming a “new state in Europe” - up from 55% in November.

The survey also highlighted how divided the region is with 30% of the 1600 asked stating that they were “totally against” independence.

7.5 million strong Catalonia provides a quarter of Spain's taxes and a fifth of its GDP. Many complain that the recent austerity has fallen disproportionately on the relatively rich region, and that they’re footing the bill for Madrid’s mistakes. 

The report highlighted this with 74% of those surveyed feeling that “Spanish Authorities do not treat Catalans in a satisfactory way.”

The CEO survey also found that 87.3% of the interviewees would accept the result of a self-determination referendum while 9.3% would not.

“On top of this 74% of Catalans believe that the best way to decide on Catalonia's political future and its relationship with Spain is through a referendum, while 21.7% think the opposite.” The survey concluded. 

Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has expressed opposition to any kind of referendum that "puts into question the sovereignty of the Spanish people." The Spanish parliament, however, has recently announced that they will discuss whether to grant Catalonia the right to vote on independence on April 8. 

Despite this, the Catalan regional government told press that an internal referendum date has been set for November 9, 2014. Catalans will be asked two questions: "Do you want Catalonia to be a state?" and "Do you want that state to be independent?"

The news comes during a time of increasing separatist movements around Europe. In Spain alone there are up to a dozen of various sizes.

If Catalonia’s referendum takes place as they wish, it will come just over a month after Scotlands similar vote.

A poll of voting intentions in Scotland has found that 40% of voters are now planning to elect for independence.