President Putin scores eight goals in all-star Ice-Hockey match

Twitter thinks he may have had some help from the legends he was playing with

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Russian President Vladimir Putin celebrated an eight goal haul last night in a gala ice-hockey match with retired NHL players.

The 62 year old leader reportedly only recently took up the sport, and is better known for being a 6th dan in Judo and an 8th dan in kyokushin karate.

Some took to twitter to mock the performance, suggesting that the President was somewhat assisted by his all-star teammates.

The president was playing alongside former NHL stars such as Pavel Bure and Valeri Kamensky, and his team won 18-6 in the match held to celebrate 70 years since the victory in World War Two.

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev watched the fixture from the stands.

Elsewhere Russia’s national ice-hockey team won the world championship semi-final against the US 4-0, meaning they play Canada in the final today.