Protesters clash at anti-immigration demonstration in Dortmund

Violent scenes marked an anti-immigration demonstration in the centre of Dortmund
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An anti-immigration demonstration turned violent in Dortmund, as far right protesters clashed with pro-migrant supporters on Monday.

Watch the clashes below.

The police made several arrests in Dortmund city centre as a protest organised by the far-right party “Die Rechte” or ‘The Right’ was joined by counter protestors.

Around 500 people waving banners with the words ‘Refugees Welcome’ surrounded the right-wing rally and were separated by police.

Later on Monday evening, video emerged of the refugee supporters throwing stones and bottles at the car of the organisers of the right wing demonstration.

Watch the footage below.

The openly xenophobic party opposes Dortmund city council’s decision to grant more housing for refugees.

Despite the accommodating stance of Germany’s government, not everyone is as receptive to the influx of the refugees. Three blocks of flats planned as a refugee shelter were set alight on Monday in Northern Germany.

Germany has been one of the most accommodating European countries, with Chancellor Angela Merkel announcing 6 billion Euros would be spent on the 800,000 people they expect to arrive.

Chancellor Merkel’s coalition have also announced other measures, including fast-tracking asylum procedures and constructing shelters.