Runaway bull gored man to death inside his house

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Not only the foolhardy are at risk during Spain's bull runs, as a 74-year-old man found out on Tuesday when a half-tonne bull burst into his home and fatally gored him.

The bull smashed through a wooden barrier while it was being corralled through the streets by bull runners in Lodosa, in the Navarra region of northern Spain.

Video footage shows it then charged through the door of a house where it gored Félix de Luis Morentin, through the neck.

The animal, called Tortolillo, is seen leaving the house moments later, with one horn covered in blood. A passing doctor declared Mr Morentin dead at the scene.

In what may be one of the understatements of the summer, Lodosa's mayor Pablo Azcona described the incident as "unfortunate".

"What was a festive day has become come quite the opposite," Mr Azcona said, before adding that all the legal safety requirements for the bull run had had been met.