Russian band records song while paragliding 650 metres above ground

Four musicians braved the skies and recorded a unique performance as they celebrate Russian Air Fleet Day

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The Street Fiddlers, a band from the city of Novosibirsk, took to the skies and recorded a unique version of the famous Soviet aviators’ march, called “Higher and Higher and Higher”, in celebration of Russian Air Fleet Day.

The musicians consisting of two guitarists, a violinist and a drummer took it in turns to paraglide down from 650 metres above ground with the final video edited using the separate audio streams.

The performance looks great but it wasn't without its issues with blasts of wind drowning out the musicians’ voices and instruments resulting in the recording to be cleared background noise.

It has also been reported that one member of the band was unable to cope with his fear of heights and so left his four band mates to it.

The group wrote on Russia’s social network Vkontakte: “The video is dedicated to all those addicted to sky”. Beat that Kanye.