Russian doctor who killed patient with single punch jailed for nine years

The patient suffered a brain haemorrhage after being punched in the head 

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A Russian doctor who was caught on CCTV killing a drunk patient with a single punch has been sentenced to nine years in prison. 

Dr Ilya Zelendinov, from the city of Belgrod, can be seen in the footage punching a patient in the head, making him fall to the floor. 

The patient, identified as Yebgeniy Bakhtin, suffered a brain haemorrhage and died following the attack. 

The video was uploaded online and went viral in December 2015, being broadcast on national news. 

In it, Zelendov can be seen bursting into a hospital room and grabbing the patient, dragging him into another room. 

A man tries to prevent the attack, but Zelendov beats him repeatedly in the stomach before turning round and punching Bakhtin. 

A spokesperson for the Belgorod court reportedly told AFP that Zelendinov was sentenced to a jail term of nine years and two months on Thursday and has had his medical licence suspended.