Russian jet shot down by Turkey live: Rebels claim they shot both pilots dead as they parachuted to the ground - latest updates

Francois Hollande is in Washington for talks with Barack Obama on the international strategy against Isis today

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A Russian fighter jet has been shot down by Turkey as Francois Hollande prepares to meet Barack Obama to discuss the international strategy against Isis in the wake of the Paris attacks. Here are the latest updates:




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Turkey has shot down a plane it claimed entered its airspace near the border with Syria as the French President continues to call for increased international backing for air strikes against Isis.

Mr Hollande is meeting the US President today at the White House as he attempts to secure greater international co-operation after Isis militants killed 130 people in Paris.

He will also hold talks with Vladimir Putin in Moscow later this week but his call for Russia to be brought into the coalition bombing the terror group is unlikely to be formally agreed by the American government.

All the fall-out from the Paris attack continues, Brussels is entering its fourth day on lockdown amid fears it could be the next target and Belgian authorities have charged four suspects with terror offences after a wave of weekend raids.

Meanwhile, Salah Abdeslam remains at large and there is speculation that an explosive vest found by a cleaner in the Paris suburb of Chatillon-Montrouge may be his.

The suicide vest was made up of the same types of explosives used by the Paris bombers, police said, giving credence to theories that Abdeslam was supposed to have joined his brother and other militants in blowing themselves up but decided against completing his assigned mission and fled.

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