Seven people gored to death during Spain’s ‘Running of the Bulls’ celebrations since start of July

Four people were killed by bulls over the weekend across the country
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Spain’s traditional ‘Running of the Bulls’ celebrations has seen seven people killed by bulls since the start of July.

One of the casualties was a 36-year old councillor in Valladolid this weekend who was attacked by a bull after it unexpectedly turned on the crowd. The Red Cross has said he suffered injuries to his right thigh and later died in hospital.

Watch the footage of this attack below.

Warning – contains material some viewers may find distressing.

The video shows the bull repeatedly attack the man with its horns and on one occasion with enough force to lift the councillor off the floor.

This is one of four deaths caused by injuries sustained during bull runs across Spain this weekend.

The most famous celebrations take place at the start of July in Pamplona and it has been reported that at least fourteen people have died in the annual ten-day event since records began in 1924.