Step into the Void glass exhibition opens letting viewers see the French Alps from 1,000 metres

Don't look down...

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For those scared of heights, this installation could be your worst nightmare. A French tourism company is offering tourists the chance to stand suspended a glass cube with a see-through bottom from a peak in the Alps 1,000 metres below.

Billed as the tallest attraction in Europe, the Step into the Void installation has taken three years to construct. It is has been built with five transparent sides made of three layers of tempered glass fixed with metal to a big support structure.

The vertigo-inducing structure allows for a panoramic view of the 3,842 metre peak Aiguille du Midi mountain, including Mont Blanc. Visitors are asked to wear slippers for the skywalk once inside the box to protect the glass.

Step into the Void opens to the general public on Saturday 21 December. Entry fee to the installation also includes the price of a cable car ride up to the glass cube.

The cube is sponsored by Compagnie du Mont Blanc, which manages transportation in the mountains.