Stockholm attack: British father Chris Bevington named as as one of four killed in Sweden lorry rampage

Police confirm suspect expressed sympathies with Isis

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British father Chris Bevington was one of four victims killed in a truck attack in Stockholm.

A statement from his father John Bevington said: “We are all devastated by the untimely and tragic death of our talented, compassionate and caring son Chris.

“A wonderful husband, son, father, brother and close friend to many. The family requests absolute privacy at this incredibly difficult time to mourn his passing in peace.”

Mr Bevington worked as a director with music streaming service Spotify and was based in Stockholm with his family.


Chris Bevington, 41, a British father who was killed in the Stockholm terror attack, has been described as a 'talented, compassionate and caring' person (Foreign & Commonwealth Office)

Of the other three people who died, one was Belgian and two were Swedish.

Swedish police spokesman Jonas Hysing told a news conference the suspect was an asylum seeker who had sought and been denied permanent residency in the Nordic country and was wanted for deportation.

Police also confirmed he had expressed sympathies with extremist organisations including Isis.

“We know that he showed sympathies for extremist organisations, among them IS,” Mr Hysing said.

The 39-year-old man from Uzbekistan was arrested on suspicion of murder and terror offences hours after the massacre.

Police earlier confirmed they found a suspicious object that “could be a bomb or an incendiary device” in the drivers’ seat of the lorry and were analysing it.

The attacker hijacked a lorry belonging to the Swedish brewery Spendrups and used it to ram people in a pedestrianised street before crashing into the Ahlens department store.


People gather at a makeshift memorial near the point where a truck drove into a department store in Stockholm, killing four and injuring 15 (AFP/Getty)

The lorry was left partially embedded in the store after the attack, which killed four people and wounded 15 others.

Police have arrested a second person and a court has appointed the person a legal representative, a court official said.

She said lawyer Johan Akerman was the legal council appointed.

Police also said roughly five other people of interest to the investigation remained in custody.