Swiss resort launches special train for Chinese tourists due to 'cultural differences'

Huge influx of visitors from Asia had brought a struggling railway company back on track

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A special train for Chinese tourists has been launched at a mountain resort in Switzerland, following tensions over cultural differences.

Swiss newspaper Blick reports that some tourists visiting Mount Rigi in the Swiss Alps have become incensed with Chinese tourists crowding the corridors while taking pictures from the train.

There are also reports of rudeness in packed carriages, and some even say they’ve seen tourists spit on the floor.

Peter Pfenniger, chief of Rigi Bahnen said the huge influx of visitors from Asia had brought the struggling railway company back on track, but that “their strong presence is a challenge”.


Almost half of the foreign visitors to Mount Rigi are Chinese, following an advertising campaign after the mountain’s management entered a partnership with an organisation from Chinese Mount Emei.

To ameliorate tensions, special trains have been created for tourist groups from Asia. Toilets are now cleaned more regularly, and signs have been put up “showing how to use them correctly,” the paper reports.

In September, the company is expected to offer around 20 special trains a week.

Pfeinniger also said Chinese tourists will not be prevented from boarding ordinary trains.

The move has been received poorly in China, with the Global Times newspaper reporting that Chinese ‘netizens’ have criticised the report, arguing the increased numbers of Asian tourists would help Switzerland’s economy.