Syrian refugees walk through the night trying to reach Budapest

Hundreds of refugees determined to reach the Hungarian capital continued their journey in darkness

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Hundreds of refugees have continued their journey through the night in order to reach the Hungarian capital.

The travellers had broken through a police cordon yesterday and began walking along the M5 motorway that connects Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, and Budapest.

The Hungarian authorities continued to provide an escort for the group, which included women and children, who had reportedly walked over six miles.

Despite Britain, France and Germany announcing they will accommodate thousands of refugees, the Hungarian government continues to oppose migration on a grand scale.

The decision to close Budapest’s main train station, Keleti, was reversed after a temporary camp of 3,000 refugees was created in the capital, while on Friday, Hungary closed its border with Serbia.

Crossing it without documentation has been made an offence, with punishments stretching to three years imprisonment.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has previously blamed Germany for the crisis, claiming that the idea Europe can accommodate more refugees as “misleading”.