Take a trip on Europe's highest railway with this incredible timelapse video

The Jungfraubahn in Switzerland stands at 3,454 metres high

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This may be the most relaxing thing you watch today…

A timelapse video has captured perfectly the train journey along the Jungfraubahn, Europe’s highest railway.

Starting off in an icy tunnel, the train makes its way through the dark cavern before emerging out the other side and into a glorious snow-covered landscape.

Viewers are shown everything from the driver’s perspective as the train winds its way through the mountains on the tracks. As the train travels along its route, skiers can be seen riding down the slopes next to the tracks.

The sights that the train zooms past are stunning, so much so that the whole experience make you feel like you're gliding through a winter wonderland.

Video courtesy of Newsflare

The Jungfraubahn in Switzerland stands at 3,454 metres, making it the highest altitude railway in Europe. The train runs for nine kilometres and makes stops at five stations, including Kleine Scheidegg, Eigergletscher, Nordwand (North Face), Jungfraujoch and Eismeer which is known as the ‘Sea of Ice’.

Now, sit back and enjoy.