Terrifying 'Spider Vine' video shows why you should never poke unexplained balls of fluff

Would you decide to investigate if you walked past this odd bundle? (Video below)

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If there was ever a reason not to be nosey, then this video is it. And if you happen to be an arachnophobe, the scenes here are the stuff of your darkest nightmares.

In this viral - and strangely hypnotic - Vine footage, an unidentified, unsuspecting individual pokes at what appears to a mass of black hair.

But the reality is far more… animated, shall we say.

The seemingly innocuous clump is in fact made up of a countless number of spiders, which are set scurrying on their thousands of legs across what appears to be a water container.

The Spanish onlooker’s initial sing-song turns into cries of “aah!” as he understandably runs back from the horrific scene.

One Twitter user who had seen the footage wrote: “I thought it was a toupee. And then it became a living nightmare.”

Another writing under the profile @ANadisonMom saud: “Oh my god... i will have nightmares about that.”

It's safe to say she won't be alone in that one.