The Edinburgh Summit: Quotes from the meeting

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This is a great day for Denmark. All the Danish requests have been satisfied - Poul Schluter, the Danish Prime Minister.

We do have some hard-headed anti-EC people in Denmark and they will of course try to do everything . . . Let them try] - Uffe Elleman-Jensen, the Danish Foreign Minister.

The nightmare which has plagued us all for six months has been turned into something very different - Uffe Ellemann-Jensen

The Spanish delegation is in no hurry. When I say in no hurry at all at this time of day, I mean in no hurry - Miguel Gil, Spanish spokesman, at an early-evening briefing.

We have to end the uncertainty on the Maastricht treaty which I think is one of the causes of the economic situation - Jaques Poos, the Luxembourg Foreign Minister.

I was ready mentally and physically to go until tomorrow night - Francois Mitterrand.

I made a considerable verbal contribution - Helmut Kohl, on how he prevented Spain from blocking a deal.

You have those who are paying and those who are receiving. So everybody who's receiving wants to get as much as they can and everybody who's paying wants to pay as little as they can - Albert Reynolds, the Irish Prime Minister.

This is not for discussion. Otherwise I walk out and you can forget about your package - Helmut Kohl, when some tried to reopen discussion of extra parliament seats for Germany.

The matter of the timing of the Maastricht treaty is a matter for the British parliament, is now and will remain a matter for the British parliament and for no one else - John Major.

All I want to say, particularly to our partners . . . is don't rush it, don't push it, because that isn't going to help us get it through - Norman Lamont.