'The Russian Terminator': Incredible footage captures moment a grinning soldier has an AK-47 machine gun bullet removed from forehead with a pair of pliers

The video clip has gone viral, with YouTube users dubbing the soldier ‘the Russian Terminator’ after comparison him to the Arnold Schwarzenegger character

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Incredible footage has captured the moment a grinning Russian soldier had an AK-47 machine gun bullet removed from his head with a pair of pliers.

Dubbed ‘the Russian Terminator’ for his ice-cool conduct as a friend struggles to remove the bullet from his forehead, the as-yet unidentified soldier is believed to have been a fighter in the Second Chechen War, with the video itself thought to have been filmed around 2000.

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The circumstances of exactly how the soldier came to have an AK-47 bullet lodged in his head are unclear, as are the reasons why the bullet didn’t actually penetrate his skull and kill him. One theory is that the bullet may have ricocheted off a nearby object, taking much of the pace out of it.

As the clip begins, the soldier is seen grinning with a bullet lodged in his forehead. A second soldier appears to use an iodine-like substance to clean the area surrounding the bullet wound, before using a pair of pliers to work the shrapnel loose.

The whole procedure appears to take around a minute and, other the occasional grimace, the soldier with the bullet lodged in his forehead stays remarkably calm throughout.

Once the bullet has finally been removed from the forehead, the friend attempts to squeeze any remaining shrapnel out of the small wound, before the camera zooms out to show the soldier grinning.

The fate of the soldier remains unknown, but the video clip has gone viral in recent days. YouTube users dubbed the soldier ‘the Russian Terminator’ after drawing comparisons to his Arnold Schwarzenegger’s  character in The Terminator films.