This video of a crow sledging down a roof will get you in the mood for Christmas


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This could be the perfect pick-me-up for anyone struggling to get into the festive spirit, as a video recordered by a family in Russia showing a crow sledging on a roof using a mayonnaise lid continues to be widely shared online.

The video, captured two-years-ago, has begun re-circulating across social media as Christmas swiftly approaches. In it, the crow can be seen using a plastic lid to slide down a snow-covered roof, much to the amusement of children who can be heard laughing in the background.

Once the bird reaches the bottom, it simply picks up its makeshift 'sledge' and climbs back up to the top for round two. The video left some wondering why the crow was displaying such seemingly human behaviour, with Scientific American blogger Jason G. Goldman arguing that playful behaviour such as this is common among the corvidae bird family.