Thousands protest against Hungarian government’s stance on refugee crisis

Thousands take to the streets of Budapest to urge Prime Minister Viktor Orbán to do more for refugees
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Thousands have taken to the streets of the Hungarian capital to demonstrate against Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. Mr Orbán faces criticism after announcing that he will reduce the number of refugees entering the country to zero from Tuesday.

Some have even suggested the treatment of refugees by Hungarian authorities is similar to Nazi Germany.

Thousands of Hungarians took to the streets of Budapest to show world that the government's stance is not shared by Hungarian people.

Watch the demonstration below.

In the video above, one protester says: “My conscience did not allow me to stay at home and do nothing. This is my contribution, it is the minimum I can do to stop this maltreatment.”

A migrant living in Hungary for seven years also commented “I came here today to demonstrate my solidarity to those refugees. They have received inhumane treatment from the government.”

The demonstration was one of many planned across Europe this weekend.

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