Turkey coup live: Erdogan government reasserts itself as 2,700 judges purged - as it happened

At least 2,800 military personnel have been detained across the country as the government cracks down on the attempted coup

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Here are the latest updates:

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Good morning and welcome to the Independent's live blog on the attempted coup in Turkey, I'm Samuel Osborne and I'll be bringing you the latest updates throughout the day.
Here is everything we know about the military coup attempt to overthrow Erdogan:

What we know so far about the attempted military coup in Turkey

At least 90 people have been killed and more than 1,000 have been wounded in an attempted military coup in Turkey. After a night of chaotic and confusing developments, with tanks appearing on the streets and warplanes circling above the capital Ankara, it appears that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has regained control – but the situation remains confused and uncertain.
A total of 1,563 military personnel have been detained across the country as the government cracked down on the attempted coup, a senior Turkish official has said.
The number of dead has risen to around 90 with 1,154 wounded, according to Turkey's state-run Anadolu news agency.
Turkey's acting chief of military staff has said 104 coup plotters have been killed.
Umit Dundar said the death toll of the coup plotters was on top of the 90 people already declared as dead, including 47 civilians.
British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson says he has spoken to his Turkish counterpart, Mevlut Cavusoglu, to underline support for Turkey's "democratic elected government and institutions" after an overnight coup attempt. 

The Foreign Office is advising Britons in Turkey to "stay indoors, avoid public places, in particular demonstrations, and remain vigilant." 

It says "the situation now appears quieter in Istanbul, and the bridges across the Bosphorus are reopening. But there are reports of tank fire and small arms fire in Ankara." 
British Airways says it is canceling all flights to and from Turkey on Saturday, but budget airline easyJet says it plans to run its scheduled flights, largely to Turkish resort towns.
General Umit Dundar, Turkey's acting army chief, provided a breakdown of the death toll:
  • 104 "coup plotters"
  • 41 police officers
  • Two soldiers
  • 47 civilians

104 Turkey coup plotters killed, says acting military chief of staff

Turkey’s acting military chief of staff Umit Dundar has said 104 coup plotters have been killed after a faction of the Turkish armed forces attempted to overthrow the government. The figure is in addition to an estimated 90 killed in violent clashes which erupted overnight, bringing the death toll to 194.
A Turkish MP has shared photos from inside the Parliament building: 
"We’ve been following the developments in Turkey and we’re concerned about what’s been going on there," Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson told Sky News.

"First we want to urge calm and the avoidance of any further bloodshed. It’s crucial we respect the democratic institutions of Turkey.

"That’s a message that was very much echoed by the Turkish foreign minister, my counterpart, Mevlut Cavusoglu, to whom I spoke a couple of hours ago. He was very grateful for UK support at the UN and elsewhere.

"Obviously I’ve spoken to our diplomatic staff in Ankara and in Istanbul. They’re doing a fantastic job. They’re working very hard, as you can imagine, to do the best for the many Brits who are there, the many people who are there on holiday. They should follow the travel advice and we’ll do our best to update you as soon as we can."
The Turkish government is considering restoring the death penalty for those who attempted the coup, Mehmet Muezzinoglu, the deputy head of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) has said.
#Idamistiyorum ("I want death penalty") has become the top trending hashtag on Twitter in Turkey following his comments, having been used more than 23,000 times.
A civilian beats a soldier after troops involved in the coup surrendered on the Bosphorus Bridge (REUTERS/Murad Sezer)
Turkey's government has the coup situation "90 percent under control", although some military commanders are still being held hostage by the plotters, EU Minister Omer Celik said during a live broadcast on private channel NTV on Saturday.
Turkey's Prime Minister Binali Yildirim has said last night's coup was a "black stain on Turkish democracy".
The PM said the coup plotters will face the justice they deserve.
The PM added that 2,839 members of the Turkish army had been detained, ranging from ordinary soldiers to high-ranking officers.
He added that 265 people had been killed (including 104 coup members) and 1,440 wounded.

Erdogan government could restore death penalty after attempted power grab, deputy leader warns

The Turkish government is considering bringing back the death penalty so it can execute those involved in the attempted military coup against President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

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At least 265 people have been killed and over 1,400 wounded in an attempted military coup in Turkey.

Turkey's president has told the nation that his government is in charge after a coup attempt brought a night of explosions, air battles and gunfire that left dozens dead.

More than 2,800 military personnel have been detained across the country as the government cracked down on the attempted coup, the Turkish Prime Minister said. Colonels and generals implicated in the rebellion were fired and loyal troops rescued the military chief who had been taken hostage at an air base on the outskirts of Ankara. 

General Umit Dundar, the newly appointed acting chief of the general staff, said officers from the Air Force, the military police and the armored units were mainly involved in the attempt. 

Fighting continued into the early morning, with the sounds of huge blasts echoing across Istanbul and the capital, Ankara, including at least one bomb that hit the parliament complex. Television footage showed images of broken glass and other debris strewn across a lobby leading to the assembly hall. 

CNN-Turk said two bombs hit near the presidential palace, killing five people and wounding a number of others. 

Protesters in stand-off with tanks in Turkey

In images broadcast on CNN-Turk, dozens of soldiers walked among tanks with their hand held up, surrendering to government forces on Istanbul's Bosporus Bridge. Discarded gear was strewn on the ground. People, some holding flags, climbed onto the tanks. 

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan warned coup supporters that "they will pay a heavy price for their treason to Turkey", according to a transcript of his remarks provided by his office.

"Those who stain the military's reputation must leave. The process has started today, and it will continue just as we fight other terrorist groups."