Turkish army sets out to recruit the perfect woman

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The Turkish military is seeking two "physically perfect" women under the age of 25, both of whom must be "firm", "robust" and "flawless" in every respect, according to the Turkish daily newspaper Vatan.

Requirements for the position of cellist and violinist with the Turkish Armed Forces also include a minimum weight of 48kg. But while applicants must have "proper body structures", the successful candidates, who will begin active duty at the end of August with the rank of sergeant, will not serve in combat.

It is not clear why the military needs its musicians to meet such exacting guidelines. However, some have mischievously suggested that the presence of the young women may help reinvigorate Turkey's officer corps.

Dozens of officers have been detained in recent years on often suspicious evidence over allegations of plotting a coup against the ruling Justice and Development Party, seen by many in Turkey to be out of step with the country's secular values.