Video: Airport security officer saves baby in incredible dive catch

The child is saved by the security guard miliseconds before he hits the ground and hurts himself

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In heart-stopping footage from Poland, a heroic security guard has spectacularly caught a small boy after he fell off the end of a table at an airport.

The incident at Katowice-Pyrzowice airport was caught on camera and shows the selfless man diving and catching the baby as he plunges off the edge of the table.

The child's father was retrieving his belongings from a tray after going through airport security while his son sat on the side of the table.

In the split second that his father looks away, the boy takes a tumble but luckily the eagle-eyed security guard reacts instantly to avoid disaster.

The guard slides across the floor to scoop up the boy before he hits the ground and hurts himself. The child appears to be calm after the incident and is briefly put back on the table, however another adult takes him off to avoid any further falls.