Video: French reporter swept off her feet by giant wave live on TV

French meteorologists have advised people against travelling on coastal roads as the freak weather continues to batter its Atlantic coast

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A French weather forecaster became a victim of the harsh seas pounding the French Atlantic coast today, when a massive wave swept her away live on television.

Fanny Agostini was reporting on the freak French weather from Rochebonne, west France, for French news channel BFM TV when the body of water knocked her off her feet.

In the footage captured today, a cameraman filming next to the broadcast is seen pointing out the massive wave as it approaches Agostini and her camera crew. Despite the warning, Agostini continues to report to camera, unready for the wave that is heading straight for her.

The water then sweeps her off her feet, propelling her into a nearby barrier.

Undeterred by the fall and in the spirit of professionalism, Agostini quickly pulls herself back to her feet and is somehow able to finish the broadcast.

The footage comes as France continues to suffer high tides and strong winds as an Atlantic storm threatens to reach inland France this afternoon.

French officials have warned people in the west of the country to not travel on roads close to the sea and avoid beaches and coastal areas over the next 24 hours.