Video: Incredible CCTV footage captures meteorite burning up in skies over Romania

The CCTV footage was one of many videos of the meteorite to come out of Romania on Wednesday

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Incredible CCTV footage has emerged that shows the moment a meteorite blazed through the sky above a city in northern Romania.

The footage captured on the 7 January shows the meteorite lighting up the sky over the Romanian city of Dej, before burning up and falling towards the ground.

The CCTV video taken in Dej, was one of many videos of the meteor to be taken across Romania on Wednesday.

Footage courtesy of Newsflare

 According to the Romanian Space Agency (Rosa), the event was caused by a meteoroid entering the Earth's atmosphere and was recorded at an altitude of 31 - 43 miles.

There were no reports of damage to any buildings and Rosa’ attempts on the ground to find debris belonging to the meteorite, have so far been unsuccessful.