Vladimir Putin draws a cat's bottom during school visit


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Will Vladimir Putin's bizarre antics never end? Several days ago he was photographed at a sea life centre shaking hands with a walrus and feeding dolphins. Now the Russian president has been seen drawing the backside of a cat during a visit to a middle school.

The Russian leader was at the school in the Kurgan region when he drew the cat on a digital white board, telling pupils that it was something to remember his visit.

The president was visiting the school on the first day of the new academic year, sitting in on classes and answering questions. While the drawing may not be a work of art, the unusual angle of the cat certainly made it memorable.

As he was leaving the classroom, one pupil reportedly asked him what he had drawn, to which he replied: 'It's a cat. The rear view.'

Putin is famed for his odd antics which have included riding a horse shirtless, examining a tranquilized polar bear and attaching a GPS tracker to a tiger. Back in July he was seen in a submarine descending into the Baltic Sea to inspect a sunken frigate.

He will be chairing the G20 summit in St Petersburg today, so let's hope he leaves his cat drawings off the agenda.

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