Woman killed in French McDonald's blast

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A bomb ripped through a McDonald's restaurant in Dinan, in Brittany killing an employee. The Interior Ministry confirmed speculation that the blast was indeed a bomb.

The blast was at the drive-through windows in the rear section of the McDonald's, located in a commercial complex near Dinan, in the Cotes d'Armor region of Brittany, in western France, rescue workers said.

The head of France's special anti-terrorism judicial division, Irene Stoller, went to the scene. The bomb blew out windows and part of the roof of the fast food restaurant, according to rescue workers.

There has been an increasing number of small attacks in the Brittany region recently, usually blamed on the small separatist group, the Breton Revolutionary Army.

A small bomb was defused early Wednesday in front of a post office in downtown Rennes, Brittany's largest city, 35 miles from Dinan. The bomb contained three sticks of dynamite, police said.

The death in the Dinan bombing would be the first fatality despite numerous attacks.