Woman stabs husband in testicles 'because he refused to help with housework'

'He told me he did not want to dig, because he's a man'

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A Romanian woman reportedly stabbed her husband in the testicles after he refused to help her with gardening.

Ionel Popa, 40, arrived in hospital at 10am on Tuesday for treatment, according to Est News.

An ambulance worker told reporters Mr Popa had “stab wounds in the scrotal region”.

She said: “He told my colleagues his wife was upset because he didn’t bring her flowers for Women’s Day”.

Aurel Turcu, the mayor of east Romanian town Dragomireşti, where the couple live, echoed this account, saying: “From what I understand, a woman got angry with him that he did not give her flowers and then cut him with a knife in the genitals."

But reports on local news site Vremeanoua, suggested wife Marinela Benea gave a different account.

Ms Benea did not deny stabbing her husband in the testicles, but said that their dispute was over gardening, not flowers -  describing the incident as a “misfortune”.

"God forbid, it was nothing to do with flowers," she said.

"He's never bought me flowers in his life. I asked him to help me with some digging in the garden. I only needed help with the digging, I could handle the rest.

"He told me he did not want to dig, because he's a man."

She said she got angry and attempted to "see how man he was", but suffered a "misfortune".

"Frankly, I'm sorry, because I wanted to put a bandage on them until the ambulance came," she said.

"But he cursed me and threw me out of the house."

She said she did not think the wound was a “big deal” but that she could “see the eggs”.

Reports say Mr Popa remains in hospital and that his condition is “relatively good”.