Zebras cause chaos in Brussels after going on the run from farm near Belgian capital

The three animals galloped down main roads after escaping on Friday

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Four zebras caused chaos in the Belgian capital today as they ran through the streets, dodging traffic and startling passing pedestrians.

Seven of the animals escaped from a farm in the suburb of Vilvoorde but three were caught immediately, HLN news reported.

Another zebra was quickly apprehended as it made its way down a road into the centre of Brussels but the others galloped around the city for more than half an hour.

After breaking free shortly after 3pm local time, they were first spotted at the Van Praet tunnel on the city’ busy ring road.

Footage obtained by VTM news showed a car narrowly avoiding the group, technically known as a “dazzle” of zebras, as they galloped down a main street.

Bemused passers-by could be seen taking pictures and getting out of their cars to star at the spectacle.

Police and vets with tranquiliser guns were in pursuit and eventually managed to catch two of the zebras in Hellestraat.

A third was cornered in garages and the trio was sedated and taken back to their field at St Ann ranch.