Investigative journalist `executed' in Argentina

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Argentinians have been stunned by the mafia-style weekend execution of a leading investigative news photographer, billed as the worst murder of a journalist since the so-called "Dirty War" of the 1970s.

Jose Luis Cabezas, a 35-year-old father of three, was found shot in the head, his hands bound behind his back and burnt almost beyond recognition in his car in the beach resort of Pinamar. Police sources told the daily La Nacion that smoke in his lungs suggested he had been set alight before he was shot. Cabezas was in the resort to seek pictures of holidaying government officials and top businessmen for the weekly news magazine Noticias, known for its aggressive reports on President Carlos Menem and other leading figures. Before his body was found early on Saturday, Cabezas had attended a party at the villa of leading businessman Oscar Andreani, a postal services magnate and friend of Mr Menem.