Iraq denounces US 'viper' in verse

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Baghdad (Reuter) - The Iraqi government's daily newspaper again attacked the US ambassador to the United Nations, Madeleine Albright, yesterday, this time in English verse.

Iraq sees Ms Albright as the main force behind the United Nations sanctions, still in force against Iraq four years after the Gulf war. The Iraqi media often refer to her as "the viper".

A 15-stanza poem by the Iraqi poet Ghazay Dira al-Tai, published in al- Jumhouriya, advised Ms Albright: "Before you speak about Iraq, wash out your mouth."

The fourth stanza runs:


your heart is black.

But love is white.

The facts are bright,

But you put off the light

In the middle of the night.


You can't climb the Iraqi


Because of its height.


All you say about Iraq

Is not right.

Iraq is not the house of


It is the source of light.

The 10th stanza adds:


Before you go to bed,

Remember that many thousands

Of Iraqi children will become


Because of the blockade.