Is this the worst attempt at exiting a parking space ever?

Nearly a million people that have viewed the video online

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Pop the kettle on, grab a cuppa, put your feet up and relax; you'll be here sometime.

Parking, that basic driving skill that sometimes just seems to be beyond some drivers, has once again perplexed, baffled and confused a driver.

Much to the delight of nearly a million people that have viewed the video online. The alleged CCTV footage was published on YouTube over the weekend and has already drawn 800k views.

Many commenters found the video almost unbearable to watch: 'I've never been so frustrated looking at a video in my life!', wrote one person under the username TgiSlayer.

'Absolutely painful to watch. One retest required, I think,' writes someone calling themselves 'The Hinge'.

A number of commenters are also suspicious abut the video, which was published without a description, and have declared it fake.