Karadzic threat

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Pale (AP) - Bosnian Serb leaders demanded international protection for Serb-held parts of Sarajevo, saying failure to address their concerns could undermine the peace process.

Serbs demonstrated for the third day in parts of the capital they hold against the Dayton agreement, which foresees a unified Sarajevo under government control. Serb leaders grudgingly accepted the deal but face opposition from Sarajevo Serbs, who fear for their future if their districts revert to government control. "A new solution for Sarajevo must be found," Radovan Karadzic said after meeting representatives from the Serb-held districts. In the meantime, he said, Serbs would not withdraw their troops, as foreseen under the Dayton accord.

The US Assistant Secretary of State, Richard Holbrooke, chief negotiator at the peace talks, ruled out any changes to the plan, to be signed in Paris later this month.