Kazakh father takes his five year old son drifting and the kid’s reaction is priceless

It’s the third edition of Anton Avdeyev taking his son drifting and it gets funnier every time
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The drifting Father-Son double act are back with another video and it’s hilarious.

Drifting dad, Anton Avdeyev, has recorded his son’s reaction to his crazy driving style for the past two years; the third episode arrived last week and it’s produced the best reaction so far.

The video begins with five-year old, Timofey, helping his Dad change the wheels of the souped-up Toyota JZ86 Gorilla Tru, before being strapped in tight. After a sip of an energy drink, Anton puts his foot on the pedal and the fun commences.

Watch the drifting double-act below.

The facial expressions and screams say it all – it certainly beats a trip down the park that’s for sure.

The footage recorded on a Go Pro has already been viewed more than 300,000 times. And if you’ve missed part one, you can watch it here; and for part two, you can find it here.