Kurd offensive ends in Turkey

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SIRNAK, TURKEY (AP) - Turkish Kurdish separatists ended a two-day offensive in the south-eastern city of Sirnak yesterday, Ismet Sezgin, the Interior Minister, announced. Mr Sezgin said that guerrillas had stopped firing by mid-afternoon when security forces began a search operation in the city. He said one-third of the city had been searched and more than 100 people were detained.

The guerrilla offensive began on Monday after Kurdish rebels attacked government and military buildings. Most of the government and military buildings were destroyed. Mr Sezgin said it was believed that the offensive was carried out by up to 1,500 guerrillas. Unal Erkan, the regional governor, said four civilian bodies had been recovered. Four Turkish security personnel also died in the clashes. A curfew was still in effect in the city, which remained dark because of a power cut since the start of the offensive.