Mexican rebel is father's muse

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Another layer of the mystique that enshrouds the masked Mexican guerrilla leader, Subcomandante Marcos, is about to be removed. His father, Alfonso Guillen Guillen, is writing a book.

The Monterrey daily newspaper El Norte says Mr Guillen's book will include his own life history, a discussion of his humanistic theories on business, and a look at the life of his son, Rafael Sebastian Guillen. The young Zapatista leader is known for his articulate communiqus, his pipe and his honey-coloured eyes.

Mr Guillen plans to travel to the southern state of Chiapas to try to see his son, of whom he is proud. "I am going to try to see him but I won't put his life at risk," he said.

Nor will he try to impart any fatherly wisdom to the strong-willed Rafael. "One time I wanted to give him advice about a woman he was seeing, and he told me: 'There shouldn't be any interference with the self-determination of the people'. "


Nearly a year in jail has not lessened Moshood Abiola's determination to press his claim to Nigeria's presidency. In fact, he has been strengthened in his resolve by reading the Bible and the Koran at least 10 times while in detention, the newspaper Nigerian Tribune reports.

"Abiola is the better for it, as he has moved closer to God and is now sound psychologically and spiritually," the paper said. Mr Abiola, a Muslim, is widely believed to have won the annulled presidential election of 1993. Arrested last June, he has been charged with treason for proclaiming himself president.


The two children of Princess Stephanie of Monaco have been baptised, supposedly paving the way for the princess to marry their father, Daniel Ducruet. While the palace confirmed that Louis, two, and Pauline, 11 months, were christened, it said reports of a marriage between the princess and her former bodyguard were "more rumours, just rumours''.