At least 12 killed after Iraqi jet accidentally bombs Baghdad

The jet was coming back after a bombing run targeted at Isis fighters when the bomb accidentally fell

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An Iraqi warplane has accidentally dropped a bomb on Baghdad, after a mechanical fault caused the weapon to fall from a plane over a residential area of the city.

Iraqi officials said that the bomb came from an Iraqi military Sukhoi Su-25 fighter jet.

It hit the New Baghdad area of the city, causing death and injury. Early reports suggested that at least 12 people had been killed, and pictures from the scene show responders walking over the rubble of ruined houses.

The jet was previously on a bombing run against Isis fighters, during which one of its bombs failed to release properly. During its trip back to base, the bomb fell from the plane, hitting three houses.

The jet involved in the accident was one of many bought by Iraq from Russia and Iran last year. Iraq is currently trying to bolster its air force and military power in order to fight Isis, which controls large parts of the country.

The Islamist group currently controls Ramadi, a large city in central Iraq that is around 70 miles from the capital city of Baghdad. The Iraqi military, as well as non-governmental militias, are currently fighting hard to prevent the terrorists from reaching the city.

America is set to supply 36 F-16 jets to Iraq, but none have yet been delivered, although Iraqi pilots are currently training in Arizona.