Bomb explodes near TV offices in Baghdad

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A bomb exploded close to the offices of the American TV network NBC in Baghdad today, killing a guard and injuring a sound engingeer.

Iraqi police said the bomb was placed in a hut that housed a generator in a hotel where NBC staff are based.

The Somali guard was killed in his sleep, although damage to the hotel was minimal.

NBC correspondent Jim Avila said there were no signs on the building indicating NBC had quarters there.

A dozen NBC staffers were inside the building when the explosion occurred, and a Canadian soundman, David Moodie, was slightly injured by flying glass.

Mr Moodie said: "A chest of drawers in the room fell on me. I sleep in the room immediately above the generator, so I guess I was lucky."

The television network has four security guards, two from a British firm and two Iraqis hired for night duty.