Cameron wants Jihadi John alive to 'face justice' as reports claim Isis militant is injured

The British Isis militant is believed to be in hospital after being wounded in airstrikes

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David Cameron wants Jihadi John, the Isis terrorist who has beheaded two British and two American hostages, to "face justice" for his crimes rather than be killed.

The Isis (also known as Islamic State) militant, who is British, was reportedly wounded in a US-led air strikes carried out last Saturday. It is believed he was taken to hospital after the attack in Western Iraq.

Asked at the end of the G20 Leaders Summit in Brisbane whether he hoped Jihadi John, who is the masked executioner in the beheading videos filmed by the Islamic state as warnings to the West might actually be dead, Mr Cameron said: "I want Jihadi John to face justice for the appalling acts carried out in Syria.”

However, he added that the air strike was a warning to would-be British terrorists of their likely ultimate fate if they join Islamic State: "If people travel to Syria or Iraq in order to conduct terror operations against British people, British citizens, then they are putting themselves in harm's way."