Controversial Arab Israeli politician Haneen Zoabi attacked during debate

Haneen Zoabi was pelted with orange juice by a man at the event

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A debate in Israel has ended in violence after an Arab Israeli politician was attacked during a cross-party discussion about women and politics.

Haneen Zoabi, who is known for her controversial stance on Israel, was pelted with orange juice by a man at the election panel at the Ramat Gan College of Law and Business on Tuesday.

The 28-year-old man shouted “shame on you, terrorist” as he poured the drink on her. He was later arrested by the police.

During the chaos Ms Zoabi, who is a member of the Balad party, was reportedly elbowed in the stomach nearly knocked down a flight of stairs.
Ms Zoabi’s supporters helped to wipe the juice off her and she left the event soon after.

Before the debate extreme right-wing lawmaker and Otzma Yehudit party member Baruch Marzel had encouraged his supporters to attend and disrupt the event.

In a Facebook post in Hebrew, he wrote, "Zoabi, I'm coming for you" and calling for people to help him "wipe that smile off her face."

Following the event Mr Marzel wrote on Facebook page, "I said this morning, I would do everything to not let her speak - and it happened."

Tensions had already been running high when a woman had stood on a table waving a Palestinian flag in the air.

Both Ms Zoabi and Marzel were banned from the running in the upcoming elections in Israel on 17 March but this decision was overturned by the Supreme Court last month.

Voting has already started abroad as members of the electorate living outside the country cast their votes.