Embassy protesters chant for justice in Gaza

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Hundreds of protesters gathered outside the Israeli Embassy today to protest at the attacks on Gaza.

The crowd outside the embassy in Kensington, central London, carried banners demanding justice for Palestine and were led in chants of "no justice, no peace".

Majed Al-Zeer, from the Palestinian Return Centre which helped organise the protest, said the fact several hundred people had turned out for the protest showed how strong feelings were about the Israeli attacks.

He said: "It is a working day and for some people a holiday and it is very cold but still hundreds have turned out.

"It is a very reasonable number. We have had many pickets here with only tens of people.

"There are British people, people from the Arab community and people from the Muslim community. The protest sends a very important message that what is happening in Gaza is not right."

Richard Kuper, from Jews For Justice for Palestine, was returning to the protest for the third time.

He said: "I'm outraged by what is going on in Gaza and I think it is important Jewish voices speak out against bombing.

"I think it was the scale of the bombardment which is greatly disproportionate that has angered people."

The protest was peaceful and no arrests were reported.

Seven people were arrested on Monday for public order offences, including assaulting police officers, during angry clashes.

The protest comes after Israel rejected calls for a 48-hour ceasefire.

The protest will continue tomorrow before moving on to the Egyptian Embassy on Friday and then on to Trafalgar Square on Saturday.

More than 370 Palestinians are believed to have been killed in the air strikes on Gaza.